Rather than try to meet every need and participate in every cause, we discern that God has called us to pour our passion and energy into these 4 areas of service to our community:

1. Strengthening Marriages. We believe that nurturing and restoring marriages is vital to the health of the church. Our goal is to reduce the divorce rate within our church and enrich the marriages in our community.

2. Helping Parents with their Children. The Bible makes it clear that discipleship begins at home. Parents have 7000 days to take their kids from crib to college. These days quickly come and go but we know that every day counts. At Harpeth we want to partner with parents to make the most of these 7000 days.

3. Blessing our Neighbors with Material Needs. We actively support our neighbors who are struggling by giving and volunteering with GraceWorks. We take Jesus’ call be to be salt and light seriously and want to be known as a people who seek the welfare of the city.

4. Helping Those Wounded by Life. Rather than shoot our wounded, we aim to provide a safe environment of grace (Celebrate Recovery) where people are free to process their hurts, habits, and hang-ups and find support, encouragement and find recovery as they deal with life.