Kids matter at Harpeth because Jesus is passionate about blessing them. When you walk into a preschool room or an elementary small group you can tell it’s full of people who love teaching children. The environment of every room is carefully crafted to meet the needs of your children.

We believe church should be fun! We use games, songs, and other creative teaching elements to bring God's Word to life for kids. Just like adults, kids have a small group made up of peers and a large group worship environment created just for them.

Bible-based curriculum

Every week, your child will learn truth from God's Word through a Bible story, memory verse, and application activities. The Bible is our go-to manual for helping children learn what it means to love God and love others.

Safe and Secure

When you arrive, a friendly volunteer will be ready to help you get your kids checked in for DiscipleShip Kids. Safety is top priority! We use an electronic check-in system and security checkpoints to ensure that kids are protected.

When you check into DiscipleShip Kids, you will receive a parent tag and your child will be given a nametag. Both will share a number and your child will not be released to anyone unless the adult has the nametag that matches the one on your child. No one is allowed to enter our secure Children’s Center without a parent or volunteer tag, so be sure to keep up with this tag.

We have an amazing group of volunteers who love kids and enjoy teaching about Jesus. These volunteers have been through a screening process, including reference and background checks, so we know your kids are safe. Many of our volunteers serve each and every week so that they can truly invest in the lives of kids.

Partnering with Parents

We believe that parents should be the primary spiritual influence of their child’s life. Each week we provide our parents tools to help you continue the conversation at home. In addition, we offer opportunities throughout the year to partner with parents by addressing specific real-life topics from a Biblical worldview.

DiscipleShip Kids exists to provide an environment for kids that is fun, safe, and exciting! We teach and train the kids to apply God’s Word in their lives. We help them develop close, meaningful relationships with Jesus and others. We want to reach the next generation. DiscipleShip Kids offers classes for Nursery, 0-1 year olds, 2-3 year olds, 4-5 year olds all the way up thru 5th grade.